Why DNA Profiling?

In the recent years, Genetic Researchers have successfully identified which genes affect the onset of lifestyle diseases. Thus, a DNA Profiling will give you a better understanding of your body and how you can manage it better to avoid diseases you are at genetic risk of developing in the future.

Of the Genes that are already mapped, it is known that each individual has a 0.1% difference in the sequence. Since the genes do not change during one’s lifetime, you only need to undergo the profiling once. You can then make better lifestyle choices based on your risk profile.

MY.GE.NE System

DNA Profiling

Our DNA kits aims to provide a comprehensive check on your genes based on your obesity. Our partner lab in Japan would do a test to provide you with a body type, Apple, Pear, Banana and Orange. Based on your body type, we would then provide you online reports on the preferred lifestyle habits for your diet and exercise in order for you to manage your weight better. Stay tuned for our upcoming Skin DNA kits for the best way to take care of your skin[...]

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Health Supplements Matching

In order to have a more customised and optimum supplement plan for your body’s needs, we will base it on your DNA results. For our Lifestyle Dietary kits, we have supplements to help you control your weight and it will be based on all 4 different body types that you fall under. With so many supplements in the market today, you won’t ever need to be confused with what to get anymore. Let our intelligent e-commerce shop do the thinking for you![...]

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Lifestyle Centres

Our lifestyle centres will be the most trendy place for you to gather with your friends and network. You can take a look at our products like our DNA kits and supplements that we offer. We would also organize events such as training and education for certifications to upgrade your skills and knowledge as a networker. Come over to our lifestyle centre to experience our detox programs where you get a chance to feel rejuvenated again. It is also a place where we offer a full body check using our proprietary test kit which shows the status of your inner body from your brains to your heart.[...]

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The Game Changer

Traditionally, patients diagnosed with similar disease undergo the same process of treatment with varying results. With the introduction of biomarker diagnostics, such as blood and DNA, etc, patients will undergo personalized path of therapies, which will yield the most optimum results for all!

Standard treatment

Traditional health and wellness practices

Personalised treatment

Personalised health and wellness approaches by CIXGEN

Data and statistics are key references that medical diagnosis uses to achieve high accuracy in the results. With the rapid development in the big data infrastructure, data sharing will be more readily available. This will radically transform the medical diagnosis capability which will produce the best treatment for every individual!

Conventional Medical Diagnosis
vs Future Medical Diagnosis

CIXGen Flagship DNA Kit
MY.GE.NE. Lifestyle V1.0

Obesity Genes (3 markers)

Personal Diet Requirements

Weight Management Strategies

DIY DNA Test from saliva sample

Test for specific genetic markers linked to obesity

Test result in 3-4 weeks

The 3 Obesity Genes

So, let’s look at the obesity genes and how they function. To date, approximately 50 genes are associated with the onset of obesity. Across East Asia, three genes in particular β3AR, UCP1 and β2AR, are identified as key influencers related to weight gain or difficulties in losing weight.

What's your body type?

Apple Type

that possess the mutated gene β3AR is poor at metabolizing sugar!
Try to aim towards eating habits that is mindful of sugar.

Banana Type

features a variation in the β2AR gene, which shows tendencies of protein insufficiency!
Therefore, the main goal will be to ensure a diet that is rich in proteins.

Pear Type

with variation in the UCP1 gene is poor at metabolizing fats!
The goal is to aim for a low-fat diet.

Orange Type

does not feature any genetic variations in the genes related to obesity. Let’s identify your preferences and lifestyle habits
so we can define your hidden type!

Personalized Supplements for the right Body Type

With your Metabolism DNA Type identified, our researchers have developed the relevant supplements to help you get in shape in the most effective way!

Supplements For Apple Type

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Supplements For Pear Type

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Supplements For Banana Type

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Supplements For Orange Type

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The fastest way to lose weight
in the natural way!

Special Membership Plans

We believe our approach to health management can benefit a lot of people. Join us to be part of this community and help more friends and relatives out there to live a good and long healthy life!


  • Get a Lifestyle DNA Kit to know your body metabolism type
  • Be advised on what diets and exercises are most suitable for you
  • Lose excess weight and get in shape healthily soon!